BET center 63A


BET center 63A

BET center is a switch board with 12pcs 230V shuko socket outlets. Each outlet has its own current and voltage meter and quick-release fuse. The green light on the meters acts as a distinguishable indicator from a distance that power is coming to that socket.

The BET center can be used as a power source for concrete heating cables, so by following the consumption figures reported by the meters, it is easy to ensure that each heating cable is working properly. The BET center is also great for e.g. as a center for pumps, heaters and lighting or a charging center for for hand tools’ batteries.

In addition to each socket’s own meter, the BET center has current and voltage meters that measure whole center’s three phases. The purpose of the phase meters is to keep the center’s load evenly distributed between all three phases. If the load of one phase is greater than the others, it is a skewed load, which should be quickly equalized.

In the BET center, each phase is also behind its own fault current protection.

L1 = left side
L2 = anterior
L3 = right side

The center is supplied with a 63A incoming plug. The sturdy BET center can be hung on the wall or stand on its own feet on the floor. The powder-coated center is made of aluminum.

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Technical information

Nominal Current


Nominal voltage



3 x 30mA

Dimensions (W x D x H)

49 x 33 x 56 cm


12 x shuko 230V




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