MBerg 2.0 48V Safety light


MBerg 2.0 48V Safety light

Light MBerg work light with battery backup. Normally it works like any MBerg light but during power failure it switched automatically to battery operation. Lights for 30 min with battery and after that switched off automatically to save battery. There is another 30 min left in the battery so there is never complete black out at the site.

Battery box is located under the handle so it is easy to replace the battery without opening the whole light fixture. On the battery box there are signal lights that show if the battery is charging, in use, ok or not ok. There is a off-switch on the battery box.

Battery is covered with heating film so it can be charged even in freezing temperatures. Flicker free light. Made in Finland.

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Technical information


48 V AC/DC


21 W

Light source


Color temperature

5000 K


0,8 kg




1,5m 2×1,5mm2

Charging time

12 h

Operating time with battery

40 min + 30 min

Warranty (years)

2 years