professionalLINE Cable Reel BQ 16A (230V) 33m


professionalLINE Cable Reel BQ 16A (230V) 33m

Brennenstuhl Professional Line extension cable reel for professional use.

The large and sturdy folding swivel handle effortlessly winds the cables in and out. The reel has sturdy carrying handles and plug storage compartments. The body and coil are made of Rubbabren, a highly impact-resistant plastic and rubber compound. Made to last in permanent use in the most difficult conditions.

The BREMAXX®-PUR cable (BQ cable) is highly resistant to wear, crushing, UV light, cutting and tearing. In addition, it is resistant to acid, oil, weather and microbes. 4 splash-proof earthed sockets with self-closing covers. Sturdy earthed plug. Heat protected against overheating. The coil has a socket visual readiness indicator. Warranty 5 years. Frost resistance -25 ° C. Made in Germany.

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Technical information


H07BQ-F 3G2,5

Cable length

33 m

Cable quality

Polyuretaani (PUR)

Coil diameter

290 mm

Material of the body

Iskunkestävä Muovi/Kumi


4 x 16A (230V)

Enclosure class


Dimensions (H x W)

37 x 22,5 cm


7,92 kg

Frost resistance


Warranty (years)

5 v