Spine Plug & Play 125A


Spine Plug & Play 125A

Spine Plug & Play 125A for remote management of power network and to get your site connected

Spine Plug & Play is a simple way to connect the site’s electrical network to the Spine remote management service, which can be used to monitor e.g. electricity consumption, amount of CO2 emissions, distribution of load between phases, possible voltage drop, etc. Proactive alarms can be set in the service so that potential problems can be detected before they become problems.

The Spine Plug & Play IP65 case contains the Spine One central unit, pre-connected current transformers and an antenna. 50 cm 5×50 H07RN-F cables with extension plug and socket come from both ends of the Spine Plug & Play 125A case. Spine Plug&Play 125A is connected between any 125A center and the 125A supply cable. Commissioning takes place with the QR code in the case.

The center can be named with the desired name or ID number in the Spine service. The device places itself in the service in the right place on the riser diagram based on the information given during commissioning. Read more about the service here.

We have Spines that fits all sub-centers and main centers regardless of brand or model.

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Technical information

Nominal Current

125 A

Nominal voltage



4 kg


25,5 x 18 x 11 cm

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