Subcabinet with phase measurement TSR IMKK-HUB 32A/VM


Subcabinet with phase measurement TSR IMKK-HUB 32A/VM

Subcabinet with meters that monitor the load of each of the three phases. A phase meter measures current and voltage. In addition, the meter acts as an indicator light to indicate that power is being applied to the phase.

Thanks to the phase-by-phase measurement, the even distribution of the load between the phases can be monitored on site, avoiding skewed loads and thereby preventing unnecessary gear overloads and fuse tripping.

The narrow shape of the center is designed so that the center takes up as little space as possible in the corridors of the construction site. The center is made of galvanized steel and has a light structure. The center is easy to hang on the wall from the hanging loops.

The center is manufactured in Finland and uses only high-quality European components such as PCE and Schneider. All parts of the center are available as spare parts. Changes can also be made to the center according to the customer’s wishes, e.g. the number and size of outlets can be modified.

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Technical information

Nominal Current

32 A

Nominal voltage

400 V


40A 30mA


13,4 kg

Dimensions (H x W x D)

95 x 30 x 22 cm

Lähdöt, (K ketjutukseen)

1 x 32A (K), 2 x 16A, 6 x 16A/230V


2 x C16 3P
3 x C16 1P

Protection class


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