Light cage


Light cage

The light cage is a logistics cage specially designed for transporting construction site lights. The powder-coated metal cage is easy to move with a forklift or pump cart. A wheel rack is available under the cage, so it is possible to push the cage even on clean finished floor surfaces. The lights and accessories remain in order and protected in cage that can be locked with a padlock.

The light cage can hold 162 pcs 48V MBerg site lights, 150 MBerg 48V lights with transformers and accessories, or 135 pcs 230V MBerg lights. The light cage is a quality product made in Finland. No packaging waste enters the construction site with the cage.

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Technical information


80 x 120 x 200 cm (sisäkorkeus 180 cm)


65 kg + lava n. 25 kg


Pyöräalusta, joka tuo 20 cm lisäkorkeutta

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