HUS Jorvi hospital renovation, Espoo Finland

A major renovation will be carried out on the surgery department of HUS Jorvi Hospital. TSR | ELSITE delivered temporary power and lighting plans to the site, new equipment in accordance with the plans, and completed the installation of the equipment.

Temporary worksite lighting in the project was implemented with 48V MBerg lighting. Battery backup MBerg lights were connected to the same network with the standard MBerg lights to increase safety at the site even during possible power failures. Outdoor lighting is organized by space saving X-Chain 7m light masts, which are placed on the construction site to illuminate large areas.

Temporary power was built around 400A temporary power supply cabinet with meter. The network consists of various subcabinets from 16A to 160A. A reliable and completely separate network fron the hospital’s network was very important for the operation of the hospital, which has been operating normally throughout the renovation. TSR | ELSITE installers took care of all temporary power and lighting installation at the site.

The project will renovate the facilities of the anesthesia and surgery department, as well as the heart center and laboratory. The aim is to increase the efficiency of the hospital’s operating theaters. After the renovation, the hospital will have 20 operating theaters. The main contractor for the project at SRV. Completion date of the project will be during 2023.