BAU BAT Emergency power supply for LED strip


BAU BAT Emergency power supply for LED strip

With BAU BAT battery backup, you turn the BAU LED 2 LED lighting into battery-backed emergency lighting. With battery operation, the lighting power drops by 70%, however, providing enough light for safe movement during a power failure. Battery backup is well suited for exit lighting.

The BAU BAT battery backup has a socket and a plug and is connected between the BAU LED 2 LED strip connection cable and power socket. One battery can be connected to a max. 60m of LED strip.

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  • Install BAU BAT according to wiring diagram between voltage input and LED strip connection cable.
  • Do not open battery box. Opening the box will void the warranty.

Indicator light:

Green light: Battery charging and power charged over 90%
Red light: Battery charging and power charged less than 90%

Press ON/OFF button to check battery:

1 flash: 0-20%
2 flashes: 20-40%
3 flashes: 40-60%
4 flashes: 60-80%
5 flashes: yli 80%

Press ON/OFF button for 3 sec to stop emergency function.

Operation on emergency function:

Light brightness will be decreased by 70% when emergency function starts working. Emergency time is 60 minutes. BAU BAT Power supply will stop working after 60 minutes of emergency function. Once power comes back on, the power supply will start charging automatically. If there is another power shortage, there is another 60 minutes of battery power left in the BAU BAT.

Technical information


100-277VAC ≤7A 50/60Hz

Output voltage



Max 50W

Charging time


Battery operating time

2 x 60 min

Enclosure class


Connecting cable

Input 1,2 m/ Output 0,5m (2×1,5mm2)

Measurements (H x W x L)

50 x 285/310 x 90 mm

Operating temperature

-10°C – +50°C


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