Valmu 2000VA 2.0 lighting transformer with timer


Valmu 2000VA 2.0 lighting transformer with timer

Valmu lighting transformer is the clock-controlled central unit of the 48VAC lighting system. A total of 75 lights can be connected to a safe low voltage network in one 2000 VA transformer. The lights are divided into three circuits, each with its own switch, quick fuse and indicator light. Two of the circuits are controlled by an Orbis Data Log clock switch that can be timed directly from the transformer or by a phone application via Bluetooth. One lighting circuit is the so-called safety light circuit, i.e. power stays on all the time.

The transformer has a main switch. Thanks to the indicator lights, it is easy to see from the transformer whether power is coming to the transformer and to all circuits. Lightweight and efficient Valmu transformer can be hung on the wall from the suspension loops. The connection is fast thanks to the spring connectors. Strain relief is done on the transformer bar. Valmu is made in Finland.

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Valmu timer

Valmu transformer has an Orbis Data Log clock switch that can be used to control both of the transformer circuits to turn on and off at desired times. Different programs can be scheduled for different days of the week and, if necessary, the clock can be easily bypassed with a 1-0-2 switch.

The easiest way to program the clock is to download the Orbis Astro Nova City software. The program is made in your smart phone or tablet and then sent to the transformer via a Bluetooth connection either in advance at the depot or at the construction site.

Check out the Orbis Data log instructions here!

Technical information


2000 VA

No. of lighting circuits

3 kpl

Circuits to be programmed

2 kpl

Lights in total

75 kpl (3 x 25 kpl)


15,5 kg



Output voltage


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