Sub center with door 63A TSR-UC63


Sub center with door 63A TSR-UC63

The sub central’s supply and all outputs are protected behind a lockable door. The legs of the sub central made of aluminum can be pushed inside the center during transport and adjusted to the desired height and position on the construction site. The center has a lifting handle on top and on the sides, so it is easy to move.

Thanks to its long legs and lockable door, this center is excellently suited for the construction site right from the beginning, when the center may have to be placed on rough ground. The lockable sub center is also the perfect solution for various events, where unauthorized persons must not have access to the center.

The center has VM phase meters as standard, which measure the voltage and current of the three phases and thus help to avoid skew loads. Phase meters have been found to be particularly useful in events where it is challenging to predict the final total load before the start of the actual event.

Center is manufactured in Finland and only high-quality European components have been used in its manufacture. Spare parts can be found quickly directly from our warehouse.

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Technical information

Nominal Current


Nominal voltage V



24,3 kg

Dimensions (H x W x D)

65 x 76 x 30 cm

Socket outlets

1 x 63A, 2 x 32A, 2 x 16A, 6 x 16A/230V

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