Electric heater TSR-EH18


Electric heater TSR-EH18

An efficient electric heater, which is equipped with a textile hood that allows heat to be distributed efficiently on site. The heater is suitable for all temporary needs e.g. on a new construction and renovation site.

The lightweight and corrosion-resistant TSR-EH18 heater is made of powder-coated galvanized steel. In the design of the heaters, the wishes of the users have been carefully taken into account, so they are simple to maintain and standard filters are suitable for the heaters. The heaters have a reliable manual interface.

The heater has wheels, handles and lifting eyes for safe transportation. TSR EH heaters are manufactured in Finland and spare parts are well available.

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Technical information



Nominal Current

25 A

Heating power

18 kW


9/18 kW

Sound level

65 dB (A)

Protection class


Air current

2300 m3


70 kg

Mitat (L x K x P)

58 x 97 x 69 cm

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