The new Proled Plus led floodlight, which produces a light output of 9500 lumens, is suitable for use on a construction site, e.g. attached to a 2.5m stand or a 5m lamppost. The light and compact lamp can be used to illuminate areas, signs, entrances and other indoor and outdoor spaces. The lighting angle is 120°, which means that the light opens up over a wide area, giving even lighting. The lamp, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, immediately lights up brightly even in freezing temperatures, so it is also suitable for use with a motion sensor. Proled Plus spotlights do not emit UV or IR radiation to the wire, contain any mercury or other dangerous substances.

The Proled Plus led lamp has an adjustable folding bracket, from which the lamp can be attached to the ceiling, wall, stand or other surface. The lamp has a 3m connection cable with a plug at the end.

The body of the lamp is made of durable die-cast aluminum and 5mm tempered glass. If necessary, the glass is available as a spare part, as well as the connection cable. As components, the lamp has high-quality parts of used brands such as Philips Lumileds diodes and Meanwell drivers. The announced Plus lamps of these components are particularly cost-effective due to their high quality.

Our quality is guaranteed with a 5-year warranty for Proled Plus lamps.

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Technical information

Light output

9500 lm

Light source

SDM Philips LED

Connecting cable

3m (shuko)

Opening angle


Color temperature

5000 K

Protection class

Service life

50 000 h