The largest construction project in the history of the Helsinki University Hospital

Bridge Hospital is the largest the largest construction project in the history of HUS and TSR | ELSITE was chosen to deliver temporary lighting and electrification plans, products and practical implementation to the site.

“The team, who specializes in site electrification, encapsulates a huge amount of solid expertise in the lighting and electrification industry. Mutual trust has been earned in previous projects and personal chemistry works well.

The electrification team focuses on the most essential: how we get cost savings and ensure the best possible operation of our site in everyday work. I have recommended them to other site managers and projects, and so I will do in future as well. ” – Matti Julin, SRV

Bridge Hospital Helsinki

The largest construction project in HUS history
SRV acts as a project management contractor
TSR | ELSITE implements temporary lighting and electrification design, equipment and continuous management by on-site professional installers

TSR | ELSITE met all the special needs of lighting and electrification with the highest quality

The bridge hospital is a huge and significant project on a Nordic scale. For HUS, this is the largest and most expensive single construction project ever. The Bridge Hospital comprises a total of two new hospitals and a two-storey connecting bridge between them, hence the name of the hospital.

– Both hospitals under construction at the same time are connected on one side by surrounding hospital buildings. Safety and reliability are very critical at every stage of the project. We started with a public tender to form the best team of the most competent partners and subcontractors in their field, SRV’s site manager Matti Julin emphasizes.

– When open heart surgeries are performed behind the wall, construction installations must not risk them at any level. Everything is done with first class certainty. From these starting points, we set out to identify a suitable lighting and electrification partner. Through careful tendering, we ended up with TSR | ELSITE, Julin expains.

More than 70,000 m2 will be illuminated and electrified under the auspices of continuous service

Lighting and electrification are a significant part of the auxiliary functions during construction, the main function of which is to enable the best conditions for construction. SRV’s goal was to obtain the highest possible quality, safety and time-saving solutions.

– 450 people work on the site every day. It’s an expensive bang if the lighting doesn’t work or there would be a long power outage. That is why it is important that we choose a reliable partner and products. We wanted the best on the market, and we also got it at a competitive price, Julin says.

TSR | ELSITE implemented comprehensive lighting and electrification plans for the site. Team’s director of electrical work, Mr Lamberg, has decades of experience in leading challenging projects and his knowledge has been valuable in this project. Everything needed was delivered to the construction site, such as new MBerg® lighting solutions, high-quality electrical switchboards and cables and other accessories. The whole set is implemented in an energy-efficient way, which saves on maintenance costs.

New product innovations have also been made according to the customer’s needs

– I knew the quality would be great, because TSR | ELSITE’s products and services have also been used in the projects of Children’s Hospital and Tampere Tower Hotel. In addition, at the Bridge Hospital site, they have made really customer-oriented new innovations according to our wishes. Among other things, we have received new types of cable brackets and power cabinet stands that make our work easier, Julin praises.

TSR | ELSITE installers have also enjoyed the three-year project.

– We have introduced remotely readable IoT-based current meters, which can be used to monitor electricity consumption from a smartphone from anywhere. This makes the customer’s daily life and project management on a large construction site easier, says Tuukka Nurmi-Aro, the leader of the installation team.

– We implemented the lighting solutions with a 48-volt operating voltage, which is completely harmless to humans. This increases safety and minimizes risks. All in all, an extremely interesting and suitably challenging project where we can take advantage of modern solutions and our best know-how, he adds.

TR safety measurement of lighting and electrification is continuously 98-99%

SRV carries out weekly TR safety measurements at the Bridge Hospital site, one of the areas of which is lighting and electrification. At best, their result has been as high as 99.2%. This area is constantly at the tip of the measurement.

– This tells me that lighting and electrification design and practical implementation are in the hands of the right partner. As their client, many of the concerns are left out of me and our other site managers, Julin says.

Communication is kept low in everyday life. Julin and SRV’s own people in charge of electrical work get along well with TSR | ELSITE’s operating foreman and installers on site.

  – The service is well organized for example through WhatsApp team and the installation team can respond to messages quickly. If necessary, I can quickly contact them and make work requests for implementation, Julin thanks.

When there are no problem situations, the site manager is allowed to focus on his own work with confidence

Julin knows from experience that the right site lighting and electrification choices can lead to significant energy and time savings, which is reflected in the total cost of the project. At the same time, safety at the construction site and the smoothness of work are increased.

– When choosing the auxiliary functions of the Bridge Hospital, we have been very precise with everything starting from the competitive costs. TSR | ELSITE responded comprehensively to our needs. I’d definitely choose them again and I have recommended them to others, says Julin.

In everyday life, the most important thing is not to waste time on auxiliary functions. You have to keep your focus all the time in the construction itself.