TSR-ELSITE Group is growing in Sweden

Release 31.1.2022

TSR-ELSITE AB strengthens its position in the Swedish market by acquiring BIPAB AB, an established and respected actor in site electrification and lighting products. BIPAB AB was founded in 1986 and operates in the Malmö region, with strong e-commerce capabilities and local manufacturing of cable products. “Our customers have requested a wider range of and easier access to TSR products in Sweden and this is our answer to that call and BIPAB is an excellent addition to the TSR-ELSITE Group and supports our long-term growth strategy in Scandinavia,” says Anders Hamrén CEO of TSR-ELSITE AB.

“We are excited to join the fast-growing TSR-ELSITE Group and are happy to develop our business together with new colleagues in Sweden and in Finland”, adds Peter Nilsson CEO at BIPAB AB.

TSR-ELSITE Group (Legatus Oy) is a Finnish market leader in worksite power supply, lighting, and other supporting equipment. “Due to its extensive experience and good contacts, the acquisition of BIPAB AP is a logical and natural continuation to both the acquisition of HAMTEC AB last year and our growth path in general. We aim to be the primary supplier for our key customers also in Sweden”, says CEO at TSR-ELSITE Group Toni Raivo.

TSR-ELSITE Group now has offices in Stockholm and Malmö in Sweden and in Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere in Finland. The Group employs 38 people. 

TSR-ELSITE is growing in Sweden

More information:

Toni Raivo, TSR-ELSITE Group (Legatus Oy) +358 400 533040

Anders Hamrén, TSR-ELSITE AB tel. +46 79 100 66 00

Peter Nilsson, BIPAB AB tel. +46 40 631 63 30