University Hospital of Turku – Savings in Excess of €60,000 on Account of Work Site Lighting

TYKS Majakkasairaala

New hospital building for University Hospital of Turku

Main contractor Hartela Oy
9 floors (of which 8 in use)
55,702 gross m2
Floor space 241,414m2

Construction of a notable new building for use by the Turku University Hospital (TYKS) is contracted within the framework of a three-year project. The new Lighthouse Hospital, developed under the name T3 Hospital, will serve patients and provide important medical support services.

The new hospital is connected to the T hospital building which is in use throughout the construction. In addition the new building will be located on a concrete deck built on top of the railway track and busy Helsinginkatu street.

Due to its special features, occupational safety at the hospital construction site has been of primary importance. Because of this, well-designed, timely, and high-quality work site lighting and electrification solutions are in a key position.

– We wanted a full-service partner. Energy efficiency was also a criterion. TSR | ELSITE offered the best comprehensive solution. In three years, as compared to other LED solutions offered, their lighting brings us savings in excess of 60,000 euros in energy costs alone, says Joukko Salonen, Hartela Oy’s Construction Manager in charge of project management.

High-quality master plan and justified purchases

When Hartela set out to tender for the best provider of work site lighting and electrification, the objective was to acquire a comprehensive plan for the demanding work site.

– Safety, reliability, and energy efficiency were important performance indicators. In the long run, TSR | ELSITE’s understanding of the site’s needs and their elaborated master plan turned out to be the most profitable for us, Salonen says.

At a time, there may be up to 400 people working at the Lighthouse Hospital construction site. Everyone who has operated on a major work site knows that costs arising from problem situations tend to pile up quickly. 

– There hasn’t been a single power outage. The entire package has been installed and thus TSR | ELSITE’s promises have been met. We have the right quantities of goods at the right locations and need not look after lighting or electrification issues by ourselves. This boosts the safety of our employees and frees up working time for the right tasks. The hospital will be commissioned on the target schedule, Salonen praises.

1,000 Worklite™ LED lights directly from the manufacturer

Since the work site is large, the quantities of goods required are large as well. During the project, energy-efficient LED lights and intelligent LED lights with sensor have been used at the site. The innovative Worklite™ lights are TSR | ELSITE’s own production.

–  Worklite™ LED lights consume significantly less electricity as compared to luminaires equipped with traditional light bulbs. At the same time, they are maintenance-free and can withstand harsh work site handling, Salonen explains.

– Another important factor is the energy and work time saved by intelligent sensor lighting. The lights are on at the work area only when required and no one needs to spend time on switching them on or off.

Other solutions required for work site lighting and electrification also come directly from TSR | ELSITE – for example, transformers, cables, and advanced power distribution cabinets are delivered to the work site complete with installation. TSR | ELSITE’s professionals are constantly at the site and take care of all relocations, installations, and functionalities in accordance with the work site plan.

– The installers are very nice and prepared to take initiative, so everything has been excellent. There is nothing negative to say. During the project, we have also quickly acquired additional products, such as heating centres and fans through them, Salonen praises.   


Recommended service especially for large and multidimensional sites

Salonen admits to have recommended TSR | ELSITE’s services to other construction contractors and project managers as well.

– Their expertise, services and products are perfectly suitable for the needs of large and medium-sized construction sites. Especially in case of sites with lots of goods and technical equipment, as well as sites involving extensive on-site relocations, dismantling, and reinstallations. For us, the most profitable solution was to buy out long-lasting products and reuse them at our next construction sites, Salonen explains.

– TSR | ELSITE is simply a reliable partner. This is what really matters. They were definitely the best choice for us, he sums up.

TSR | ELSITE is responsible for the site’s:

  • lighting and electrification designs
  • lighting and electrification equipment: incl. work site lights, cables, transformers and distribution boards 
  • ongoing management of work site lighting and electrification equipment: relocations, installations, equipment management and maintenance