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Renta Group Oy and TSR-ELSITE Group Oy proudly announce they have entered into a significant strategic partnership aimed at bolstering Renta Group’s position as a trailblazer in delivering digital solutions to its customers. The collaboration centers around the integration of TSR-ELSITE’s Spine system, enabling Renta to connect its construction sites’ electrical networks to cloud services and subject them to remote monitoring.

Renta Group’s decision to adopt the Spine system was motivated by its outstanding features, perfectly aligned with the company’s needs. Spine offers real-time remote monitoring and management for temporary power boards at each construction site. The system provides Renta and its customers with operational reliability, real-time data, proactive alerts, device location information, CO2 calculations, energy consumption tracking, and future expansion possibilities.

Spine will be seamlessly integrated into Renta’s own Easy service through API connectivity, facilitating smooth implementation and data sharing. TSR-ELSITE will supply Renta with power boards containing integrated Spine systems, along with retrofittable Plug & Play Spine devices.

Why Spine?

Renta chose Spine as the optimal solution due to its diverse advantages. The Spine system connects construction site power boards to cloud services, enabling real-time remote management of the electrical network. Many construction site issues can be avoided through Spine’s proactive alerts. ”Issues such as freezing of concrete casting due to power outages can be forgotten with Spine,” says Toni Raivo, CEO of TSR-ELSITE. ”The system can also be used to collect valuable data on construction sites, which helps in the planning of new sites and the calculation of offers,” adds Aki Lukkarinen, Project Manager for TSR-ELSITE’s product development, who has been involved in Spine’s development from the beginning.

Renta’s goal is to have a significant portion of its electrification fleet connected to the cloud service and remote management by the end of 2025. This ambitious goal supports Renta’s strong position in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region.

Responsibility first

Renta emphasizes responsibility in its operations, focusing on principles of ecological, social, and economic sustainable development. The Spine service supports these values by providing the opportunity to calculate project carbon footprints and guiding environmentally conscious choices on construction sites. ”Increasing transparency for our customers has been key to us from the start. Spine’s capabilities to enhance transparency for Renta and its customers align perfectly with our service offering, where we bring intelligence to the services we deliver. We see comprehensive monitoring of construction site energy consumption becoming an industry standard in the coming years,” concludes Joel Särkkä of Renta.

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About Renta Group:

Renta is a machinery and equipment rental company offering a wide range of rental services for construction sites and industry. The company operates in Northern Europe with 2,000 employees in a network of 175 locations.


TSR-ELSITE specializes in manufacturing, importing, and developing equipment for construction site lighting, heating, and electrification. The company serves a customer base including equipment rental companies, construction firms, industrial wholesalers, and other retailers. With offices in both Finland and Sweden, TSR-ELSITE is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients in the construction and industrial sectors.