Press release 16.10.2023

TSR-ELSITE, the Finnish Leader in Construction Electrification, Expands Horizons with Spine Networks Acquisition and Innovative Real-Time Electrical Network Management and Monitoring System

TSR-ELSITE, the leading Finnish expert in construction electrification, marks a significant leap towards more efficient and sustainable construction site electrical network management. The company has acquired the business operations of Spine Networks Oy, a product development firm, and unveiled the groundbreaking Spine system—a real-time electrical network monitoring and management solution.

Construction sites can now anticipate substantial cost savings through proactive alerts. The Spine system ensures that issues such as improper electrical load distribution, electrical-triggered fires, frozen concrete pours, power outages, and humidity-induced structural damage become relics of the past. By providing real-time remote monitoring and management of construction site electrical networks, the Spine system delivers a comprehensive solution to these long-standing challenges.

Cost-Effective Sustainability

The Spine system operates by gathering data from the construction site and issuing early warnings of potential problems. Equipped with sensors that monitor electrical load distribution, detect possible problems, and measure temperature and humidity, the system offers real-time insights into the construction site’s electrical network. It sends alerts to designated personnel upon detecting potential issues. Furthermore, Spine guides users towards eco-friendly choices, offers real-time electricity consumption data, including costs, and calculates the project’s carbon footprint, making sustainability a cost-effective endeavor.

“Spine system positions us as global leaders in the construction electrification segment,” states Toni Raivo, CEO of TSR-ELSITE Oy. “We envision the system expanding into a comprehensive construction site management platform.” With offices not only in Finland but also in Sweden, TSR-ELSITE is well poised to lead the Nordic market.

Centralized Product Development

Spine Networks Oy specializes in intelligent construction site monitoring and management solutions. The development of the Spine system began in spring 2021 and has already proven its effectiveness on numerous construction sites in Finland and Sweden. Being entirely of Finnish origin, designed and manufactured in Finland, the system allows for swift development and implementation of new features.

As part of the acquisition, TSR-ELSITE is centralizing its product development activities in Kuopio Finland and strengthening its expertise in IoT with the inclusion of product specialist Aki Lukkarinen, project manager Sami Lyytinen, and their coding team. “Together with TSR-ELSITE, we will refine Spine into a robust digital solution that operates globally,” assures Lukkarinen. “The daily challenges we address are ubiquitous on construction sites worldwide, and this solution works across the globe,” adds Lyytinen.

A Holistic Solution for Construction Sites

The Spine system is not limited to real-time monitoring; it also serves as a real-time construction site electrical network planning tool for rental companies and construction firms. Additionally, TSR-ELSITE will offer traditional construction site electrification planning for extensive projects, particularly in large hospitals, hotels, and shipyards, where proficient pre-planning is indispensable.

Contact Information:

Toni Raivo
+358 400 533 040

Spine Networks Oy
Sami Lyytinen
+358 40 176 3095


TSR-ELSITE Oy is a Finnish manufacturer and importer of temporary construction equipment. The company is renowned for its innovative construction site power distribution units and durable site lighting solutions, distributed widely to rental companies, construction firms, and resellers across Scandinavia and Europe.

About Spine Networks

Spine Networks Oy is a Finnish company specializing in intelligent construction site monitoring and management solutions. The Spine system offers real-time electrical network monitoring and management, helping construction sites avoid problems and save costs. The system is of Finnish origin, designed, and manufactured in Finland.